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Why Make Tree Removal a Top Priority for the New Year

While setting your goals for the new year to enhance productivity, shed some pounds, and spruce up your home, you should also make tree removal a priority. Here are several reasons why.

Tree Removal Services Can Help You Dispose of Your Live Christmas Tree

If you have procured a live Christmas tree for this holiday season, you will need to remove it after New Year’s Day. A professional arborist who provides tree removal services can not only help you remove your tree, but they can also help you repurpose it in a variety of ways. Some ways you can repurpose your live Christmas tree include the following.

Grind Your Tree into Mulch

Any arborist will tell you that mulch provides several benefits for your trees. Putting a three-inch layer of mulch around each of your trees will help them retain moisture, and this will also serve as nutrients. As the mulch breaks down, it becomes a food source for your trees. You can also use the mulch for your flowerbeds and gardens in the spring. An arborist will grind your tree in a woodchipper and give you the mulch.

Chop Your Tree for Bonfires

You can chop your Christmas tree into logs for having a bonfire and roasting marshmallows in your yard. An arborist has industrial equipment that can seamlessly chop your tree into logs you can use for kindling.

However, if you have a fireplace inside of your home, do not burn any logs that came from your Christmas tree. These trees have a high sap content; thus, they will cause a buildup of residue in your chimney and flue. What is more, the pine needles create sizable sparks, which can cause your home to quickly fill with smoke.

Winter Is the Best Time to Remove Trees

Once winter hits, trees will enter a period of dormancy as a means of survival. Dormant trees can weather extreme temperatures and winter storms. Trees are also easier to remove because they will weigh somewhat less. Arborists will not have to do as much work, and this means you could expect to pay less for the service compared to scheduling tree removal during the warmer months.

The risk for spreading diseases and pests from dead or dying trees to healthier trees is practically nonexistent in the wintertime. Like the trees, diseases and pests also go dormant, which tends to neutralize their threat.

Improve the aesthetics of your property and the health of your trees for the new year. Contact Woodland Tree Service for tree removal in Plymouth, MN as soon as your festivities have ended.

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Contact our team of tree experts to schedule a service today!