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Reliable Emergency Tree Service In Plymouth

For your own safety and convenience, call Woodland Tree Service as soon as a tree looks to be in danger of falling and causing damage to your property or a tree has already fallen. As soon as we are able, we will react to your request and assist you in caring for your property. You can reach us at: (320) 348-8649

The Tree Is Tilting to One Side

A leaning tree may or may not pose a concern based on its history. If it’s leaning for a long time without falling, it may be safe. But you should still have an arborist check it up. If the tree leans, grows at an angle, or shows fractures and uprooting, it might collapse. It needs urgent removal from an emergency tree service in Plymouth, so contact Woodland Tree Service as soon as possible.

Roots or Branches Threaten the Structural Integrity of Your Residence

Branches that are dangling dangerously close to your home or over your vehicles should be removed before they fall and harm your roof, windows, and other components of your property.

It’s the same with tree roots that grow too close to your home, as well. Your home’s foundation may be compromised if these roots penetrate deep enough to lift patio stones and other hard surfaces.

Your Neighbor's Home is Threatened by Limbs or Roots

To be a considerate neighbor, if your neighbor’s property is in danger of being damaged by the tree or its roots, have the tree removed. When you need an emergency tree service in Plymouth for these kinds of matters, Woodland Tree Service can help you get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Breakage of Branches

For the most part, if a tree limb is broken, it may be clipped without causing any harm to the tree’s health. However, a tree can die from a lack of branches.

You can’t develop enough leaves for the following growing season when you lose more than half of your tree’s branches.

A tree’s shape, strength, and stability are all dependent on the tree’s tallest, strongest branch, which is referred to as its leader.

Damage to Your Property Caused by a Tree or Branches Due to Severe Weather

Storms can damage your yard’s trees year-round. Strong winds, rain, lightning, snow, and ice destroy trees and branches. Fallen branches can harm your car, home, garage, and property.

Trees Are Diseased or Sickly in Appearance

Diseased trees grow weak, and branches are more prone to fall, endangering your family and property.

Diseases from trees can spread to other trees in the neighborhood, therefore it’s crucial to remove them quickly. Arborists can remove unhealthy trees while reducing disease transmission.

Fungi, viruses, and pests may slowly damage trees from the inside. The only choice is tree removal from an emergency tree care service in Plymouth, such as Woodland Tree Service.

You've Put Your House on The Market

Maintaining your landscape, especially damaged, overgrown, or ill trees, boosts curb appeal and property value.

Hire professionals to trim overgrown trees, remove dead branches, and remove ill or dead trees to improve your property’s beauty and let in more natural light.

Dead or damaged trees can be removed to increase a home’s usable outside area.

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Contact our team of tree experts to schedule a service today!