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The Importance of Professional Tree Pruning

Adding trees to your property can have a huge impact on its aesthetic appearance and serenity. However, keeping them beautiful and healthy requires routine maintenance like pruning. This is a type of tree care that involves removing specific parts of your trees, such as dead branches or unhealthy roots. Relying on a tree professional guarantees quality landscaping results and thriving trees. When considering expert tree service this season, keep these superior benefits in mind.

Clears Sidewalks and Street

Trees located near your property line can easily overgrow and block the flow of traffic. They may obstruct pedestrians or make it difficult for drivers to read street signs. In addition to inconveniencing your neighbors, overgrown trees also pose a risk to anyone passing in front of your home. Careful pruning can cut back these branches and keep them within your property lines. You also won’t have to worry about receiving notices from the city for overgrown shrubbery.

Reduces Chances of Leaf Disease

It’s not uncommon to suddenly find some of your trees irregularly changing color or developing odd holes and scabs. Leaf diseases tend to come from various harmful fungi and bacterial outbreaks. The situation can quickly get out of control if your trees’ branches are too close and overlap. Pruning helps to promote better airflow in the canopy. This gets rid of surplus moisture, limiting the risk of mold or mildew issues.

Eliminates Potential Tree Safety Risks

Without effective trimming, your tree is more likely to struggle with weakened or cracked branches. When these limbs fall, they pose a risk to your property as well as any nearby pedestrians or cars. If they drop in the street, they could hold up traffic for hours until emergency personnel arrive. Pruning minimizes the risk of any heavy limbs suddenly falling onto your home or property.

Additionally, your trees may grow to the point where they touch local power lines. This could quickly become a fire or electrical hazard. Along with the potential for losing power, you may also have to replace your tree. Professional pruning services stop potential tree risks before they result in expensive damage.

Reduces Excessive Shade

A full tree canopy will stop sunlight from reaching your grass and other parts of your landscaping. Fortunately, trimming back these excess branches supports better health for the tree and the rest of your yard. With less shade, you’ll also be able to make greater use of other home features, like your patio or pool.

Woodland Tree Service always prioritizes the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of our customers. We offer competitive prices and complimentary estimates and consultations. Call the tree professionals at Woodland Tree Service now to learn more about our pruning and trimming services in Plymouth, MN.

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Contact our team of tree experts to schedule a service today!