Ways Stump Grinding Can Help You Enjoy Tremendous Cost Savings

Tree stumps are more than just an eyesore; they can have a negative impact on your property, hence the reason you need stump grinding services to remove them. Stump grinding not only makes your landscape look visually appealing, but it also provides myriad financial benefits. Here are some ways that stump grinding can save you […]

Money Saving Tree Trimming Tips

Tip #1 – Do the Small Stuff Yourself The first step in tree trimming is pruning. You can save money by doing the minor trimming yourself. Find tutorials online or attend classes offered by local agriculture offices. It is important to only do things within reach and not overprune. Keeping up with the pruning will […]

5 Reasons Stump Grinding Is a Key Part of Landscaping Renovations

Forestry worker cutting the stump of a spruce tree with chainsaw

Stump grinding is an important process in landscaping renovations. It removes unsightly stumps from a property, allowing landscape architects and gardeners to upgrade the look of their outdoor space. The following are reasons stump grinding is a key part of landscaping renovations. 1. Enhances Visual Appeal Stump removal can take up much of the time […]

The Dangers of Leaving a Tree Stump in the Ground

A tree with branches that look like deer antlers. Dead leafless tree. Dry tree branches

Trees are an essential part of our environment. They help clean the air, provide a habitat and food for birds and animals, reduce noise pollution, and even improve soil quality. But when a tree is cut down, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of its life cycle. Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving the […]

Tree Care Tips for the Winter

Branches covered with ice after freezing rain. Sparkling ice covered everything after ice storm cyclone. Terrible beauty of nature concept. Winter landscape, scene, postcard. Selective focus.

In Plymouth, the winter weather can be pretty difficult to deal with. We can all bundle up and get cozy inside to stay safe and warm, but what about our trees? There are a few things you can do to keep your trees healthy through the winter. Protect Roots The roots of newly planted trees […]

6 Ways Commercial Tree Services Can Save Your Business Money

Gardener in beautiful garden

The first impression of a potential customer could be a deciding factor when choosing your business. Landscaping is a great way to enhance people’s initial impression of your commercial property. A beautifully landscaped campus can attract new customers and catch the eyes of passersby, and trees are an integral part of that concept. There are […]