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Tree Care Tips for the Winter

In Plymouth, the winter weather can be pretty difficult to deal with. We can all bundle up and get cozy inside to stay safe and warm, but what about our trees? There are a few things you can do to keep your trees healthy through the winter.

Protect Roots

The roots of newly planted trees haven’t gotten a chance to establish themselves, so they can be especially vulnerable in the winter. Roots can actually die when the temperatures get down too low, but fortunately, the soil acts as an insulator and can be much warmer than the air is. If it gets too cold, though, roots are still susceptible to damage.

Covering roots with mulch can protect them from extreme temperatures by further insulating the soil. It’s best to create a ring of mulch around a new tree, pulling it away from the trunk by about half a foot. The mulch can be about 4 inches deep, and shredded wood is a good material to use.

Prevent Sunscald

It might be surprising, but trees can be susceptible to sunscald in the winter. If a tree gets too much direct sun, its bark could be tricked into becoming active again. Then, when the sun goes down or a cloud comes by and the bark temperature subsequently drops, that active tissue could die off. Newly planted trees and trees with thinner skin, such as cherry and maple trees, can be most vulnerable to this problem.

To protect them, you can use white tree guards to reflect the sun and help the bark stay at a constant temperature. You can put on the guards in the fall and then remove them in the spring after the threat of frost is over.

Protect From Snow, Ice, and Salt

Snow and ice are something we always have to deal with in the winter. Heavy snow and ice could damage trees, especially those that have weak or dead branches and those that are young. To keep branches from unexpectedly falling during a storm, you can have them professionally pruned. At Woodland Tree Service, we offer pruning services to local customers, and we can assess what branches may need to be removed to strengthen the tree overall.

Wrapping smaller trees in carpet, strong cloth, or another hardy material can protect them as well. These coverings could also protect small trees and shrubs from salt. This is something to consider if you have trees located along a road, sidewalk, or driveway where salt may be used for deicing.

Help Your Trees Stay Strong

Winter is just around the corner, and you should start taking care of a few things in preparation for the cold weather. Mulching around your trees, having them pruned, and possibly wrapping them could all help them this winter. Call Woodland Tree Service if you need any help.

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Contact our team of tree experts to schedule a service today!