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‘ Tis the Season to Wave Goodbye to Stubborn Tree Stumps

Winter may not be a season that’s widely associated with gardening, especially with the freezing rain, ice, and snow we get in Plymouth. Still, it’s actually the ideal time of the year for certain outdoor tasks. In fact, it can be the best time to tidy up if you have some stubborn, unsightly tree stumps lingering in the landscaping of your Plymouth, MN home or business. At Woodland Tree Service, our specialists can offer several reasons why the winter months are the best time to remove tree stumps on your property.

Easier to See

Experts often recommend trimming your trees and assessing their health in the winter. That’s because it’s easier to see what’s really happening with their structure as the leaves fall away.

Removing stumps can often be simpler when it’s cooler for similar reasons. As undergrowth and surrounding seasonal plants die back, the root structure of a tree is more visible. Being able to see the stump and root system clearly makes creating an effective plan for removing the stump easier. Depending on your landscaping, it may also become more accessible.

Prevent Problems With Infestations and New Growth

An old stump may seem useless to you, but some critters see it differently. If you don’t act quickly enough to clear it away, they might find a new purpose for it.

Termites, pests, and small animals often nest in old stumps. In addition, new plants will often sprout from the stump and root system, which serves as a source of nutrients. These activities can complicate stump removal. Fortunately, pests and plants become less active as the temperatures drop. That makes the winter months your best chance to clear away the stump with minimal interference.

Clear the Way for New Spring Plants

A tree is a gorgeous addition to your landscaping. A tree stump, on the other hand, doesn’t do much to enhance the appearance of your property. In fact, it’s typically considered an eyesore. Arranging for a winter stump grinding service erases this blot from your landscape. This clears the way so that you can install new spring plants. When the growing season rolls around again, your outdoor space will be ready with a fresh burst of healthy greenery.

Beautiful, healthy trees offer something truly special. Caring for them is a year-round responsibility. Some tasks, like removing stumps, are best accomplished during the winter months. If you have questions about caring for your trees or need the assistance of a professional, trust Woodland Tree Service. A professional tree service company serving the homes and businesses of Plymouth, we’re highly credentialed and fully insured.

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Contact our team of tree experts to schedule a service today!