How to Safely Trim Trees

Worker trimming branches with saw

Keeping trees properly trimmed and pruned keeps them looking great and ensures proper growth. Tree trimming also provides an opportunity to examine the overall health of a tree and catch issues such as disease and rot before they spread. While trimming and pruning is necessary, it can also be a dangerous job if not done […]

3 Common Tree Hazards and How to Avoid Them

A tree might fall and cause physical injuries to people or damage property. A tree hazard can also be a liability if it ends up damaging your neighbor’s property, or even worse, hurting someone. That said, it is important that you spot the dangers your tree may pose and have a professional fix them. Below […]

Safety First: Stump Grinding in Tight Spaces

Stump on green grass in the garden. Old tree stump in the summer park.

Stump grinding is essential to tree removal and land-clearing processes, as it helps eliminate the remaining stump after a tree has been cut down. However, in some cases, stump grinding can present challenges, particularly when dealing with tight spaces. Working in confined areas requires additional safety precautions and specialized techniques to ensure the job is […]

Three Ways Commercial Tree Care Improves Safety At Your Establishment

Hanging arborist cutting branch with small saw.

Commercial tree care is a professional service that is designed to maintain existing trees on a commercial property, and it includes trimming, pruning and removing unsafe branches for the safety of the property, personnel and customers. Hiring a professional arborist to perform commercial tree care services not only improves esthetics, but it also enhances safety. […]