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Three Ways Commercial Tree Care Improves Safety At Your Establishment

Commercial tree care is a professional service that is designed to maintain existing trees on a commercial property, and it includes trimming, pruning and removing unsafe branches for the safety of the property, personnel and customers. Hiring a professional arborist to perform commercial tree care services not only improves esthetics, but it also enhances safety. There are three ways commercial tree care improves safety at your establishment.

1. Improved Safety for Your Commercial Property and the People There

Professional tree care services ensure the safety of your commercial property. When trees are unhealthy, they pose a risk to your building because falling trees can damage your roof and shatter windows. Falling trees can also cause injury to your staff and clients because the tree can fall on them if they happen to be nearby, or they can get hurt if they are hit by window glass or are nearby when the roof falls. Unhealthy trees can also fall on vehicles which can be dangerous for people who are inside of them.

2. Identification of Potentially Hazardous Conditions

When an arborist is providing commercial tree care services, he or she will identify if there are any trees present that may pose potential safety hazards. The arborist makes this determination by examining trees and assessing their structure and overall health. During this examination, the arborist will check trees for disease or decay as well as thoroughly inspect them for damage caused by storms, improper pruning or human error. If problem trees are found, the arborist will determine which solutions need to be implemented. Some trees may simply need to be pruned to remove problem spots whereas others may need to be removed entirely.

3. Prevention or Elimination of Pest Infestations

If trees are unhealthy, dead or dying, they can serve as good homes for pests. These pests can not only spread to other trees and negatively impact their structures, but these pests can also spread to your building and potentially ruin its foundation especially if termites are among them. If the arborist finds that a pest infestation is present, he or she will do whatever is needed to eliminate the problem. If no trees on your property are infected with pests, then the arborist will take measures to make sure a pest infestation does not develop.

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With improved safety, you reduce the chance of liability. If you are a business owner located in Plymouth, MN who has a strong desire to put safety first, contact Woodland Tree Service today to create a customized plan that meets your specific commercial tree care needs.

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