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What You Reap When You Don’t Prune Trees Properly

Trees need some TLC to look and remain healthy. Pruning is important for trees as this activity shapes their structure and keeps them safe from disease and pests. However, improper pruning can have dire consequences for trees and their environment. Here are some of the impacts of improper tree pruning.

Reduced Health and Vigor

Improperly pruned trees may experience slower growth and decreased vigor. This is because too much wood has been removed leaving trees with fewer nutrients to support their growth. The ability for trees to absorb and transport water, nutrients and other resources and produce are also compromised.

Structural Weakness

Trees that are improperly pruned can develop structural weaknesses that may cause them to become unstable and hazardous. Trees can become lopsided if the wrong branches are removed, increasing their risk of falling in windy or stormy conditions. When trees fall, people can get severely injured, and property can be destroyed. In addition, removing too much of the tree’s foliage can make them vulnerable to sunburn and other environmental damage.

Lack of Protection From Disease and Pests

Pruning provides trees with an environment less conducive to pests and diseases by removing dead and diseased branches, so these problems will not spread. In contrast, improper pruning can leave trees open to these vulnerabilities and cause them to produce less nutrients which will, in turn, interfere with their ability to thrive.

Increased Risk of Damage

Improper pruning can also leave trees at an increased risk of damage. The use of incorrect tools or techniques, such as cutting too close to the tree trunk or using a dull pruning saw, can cause more harm than good. These improper pruning practices can create wounds that take longer to heal, leaving the tree vulnerable to further demise.

High Maintenance Requirements

The effects of improper pruning can be long-lasting, meaning that trees may require more frequent maintenance and care. Trees that have been improperly pruned can require additional pruning and corrective measures to restore their health and structure. This extra effort may be expensive, time-consuming and potentially damaging to trees.

Low Aesthetics

Not only does improper pruning affect the health and safety of trees, but it can also detract from their overall appearance. Incorrect pruning can leave trees with a disheveled or unappealing look. This can detract from the beauty of a landscape and can be difficult to fix without further corrective measures.

Knowing the risks associated with improper pruning techniques and how to avoid them can help ensure trees remain healthy and attractive for the long term. You should work with a professional tree service to ensure your trees are pruned correctly. Contact Woodland Tree Service in Plymouth, MN for expert trimming and pruning services.

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