5 Winter Tree Care Steps For Healthy Trees

Window with view of winter trees

For most plants and trees, the cold winter months are a time of dormancy with little growth or activity. The threat of frost and a lower intake of resources means property owners should consider taking a few extra steps to protect their trees during this part of the year. This season is also a golden […]

Six Tips for Taking Care of Christmas Trees

Thuja at the road

The Christmas season is just around the corner. Some people love getting live Christmas trees for their home; these trees smell great and look beautiful, especially when decorated. Many people also enjoy decorating outdoor evergreens. For these situations, there are several tips that can help you care for your tree(s). Indoor Tree Tips 1. Water […]

The Essentials of Fall Season Tree Care

As summer draws to a close each year, there are a few things that tree-conscious property owners should be doing. The 6 to 8-week stretch between summer and winter is a key season for trees in temperate climate zones. This makes it the perfect time to prune, plant, and perform other tasks essential for long-term […]

Identifying Trees That Need Trimming Before Summer Storms

A Tree Surgeon trims trees using a chain saw and a bucket truck

Summer is a great time to enjoy the beauty of trees. However, as the weather warms up, it’s essential to ensure your yard’s trees are in good condition. One of the most important tasks you can do to keep your trees healthy and safe during the summer is to trim. Tree trimming is essential for […]

Top Six Tips to Help Your Trees Thrive This Spring

Lumberjack with saw and harness climbing a tree

Now that spring is here, trees are waking up from dormancy, and they are preparing for a new period of growth. To improve the health of your trees and ensure their longevity, follow these six essential tips. 1. Check Your Trees for Damage During the winter, your trees are subjected to harsh conditions. They endure […]

‘ Tis the Season to Wave Goodbye to Stubborn Tree Stumps

Winter may not be a season that’s widely associated with gardening, especially with the freezing rain, ice, and snow we get in Plymouth. Still, it’s actually the ideal time of the year for certain outdoor tasks. In fact, it can be the best time to tidy up if you have some stubborn, unsightly tree stumps […]